Tuesday, August 01, 2006
If you want me to build and put a site online for you here are the prices
the prices will be depends of the site, example: for a personal web site [ simple] , 1 page, contact, 1 page with 3 photos, it will be around = 380 euro, this a example of a minimum price.
in this price I included also a free hosting for your page to be online on the internet, and i will do all of it, you don`t need to do anything, just sit and see your site online.
The payment will be in 3 breaks, 1* you pay a sign as entrace of 30%, 2 * you pay more 30% when i will show your site and ask for you choose the last changes, 3* when your site be finished and online will pay the last 40%.
How long does it take for your site to be made and be online???
That will depends of the content of your site..!
Ex: for a personal 3 pages site takes about 1 week .
How that works.
1- first i will contact you per email, then you will choose the model of your site, colors, text, photos that you wish on your site must be either sent per e-mail to me or per post, you tel me what text you want on your site.
2- days latter i will contact you again and show how it is going, in this process you can change some thing you want, after I have made the changes, then your site will be finished as you wanted it.

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